No April’s fool – the blog is actually open!

Hello world!

This neonatal science blog is finally open, after a period of gestation much longer than 9 months. My belly didn’t grow and my hormones didn’t fluctuate, but the pressure, the anxiety and the nausea were there. It’s a pretty big deal when everyone you know expects you to open a blog any day and magically produce brilliant pieces of science communication. Or, even worse, when you get told that your whole career may depend on what you write! All I know is that I am not a writer and I am not a scientist, but I love telling stories and I love science and I am determined to somehow combine these two things.

After long and excruciating hours spent flicking through the dictionary, the thesaurus and the encyclopedia of quotes, annoying all my friends and family and drinking too many cups of coffee, I finally decided to call this blog “the axon of the squid”. Why? Well, all I am allowed to say for now is that the squid is a terribly important creature for science, in particular for my kind of science, the one that’s concerned with brains. If you want to know more about the importance of the squid for neuroscience make sure to come back soon, because I’ll be telling you the story of how a really extraordinary giant squid and two very smart men managed to win a Nobel Prize and laid the foundation for modern neuroscience.

See you soon!


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