Fairies in Washington

Washington fairies

Pictures taken yesterday in the park in front of the National Academy of Sciences, when I sneaked out to enjoy some of the warm, golden autumn sun of the Magic Hour.

The pictures are not retouched, the light was actually purple and gold, filtering though the branches of trees.

Thousands of Drosophilas (fruit flies, the ambassadors of the biological sciences!) were flying in morphing clouds, orderly chaotic, hypnotic and unpredictable. I spent half an hour trying to get these shots, but from a distance it probably looked like I was crouching on the ground to take a picture of the grass. More than one person stopped to try and figure out what in the world I was trying to do.

– Oh, sorry I’m in the way, I’m just trying to photograph those tiny fairies –

Have you not got anything better to do?

Not really.





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